The right time to write…

The biggest obstacle to writing is finding the time to write. Isn’t it? It used to be (and often still is). Until I learned it’s not about finding time, but making time. There are not enough hours in the day for one to float magically by and announce it’s dedication to writing, or for anything else for that matter.

I was in the habit of writing every day during my lunch hour. It worked pretty well. I took a late lunch when our break room was relatively deserted and I could be undisturbed. I had a good thing going. Then, they announced our break room would be taken away during some reshuffling of offices in the building, not to return until next Spring. Suddenly I had no place to write, even though I still had the time.

I admit this has stalled my productivity. I’ve stopped writing during lunch and began reading at my desk. Writing time (or rather editing time as the current case may be) has been sporadic at best. It looks like I’ll be heading back to the library. As I try to schedule a new time and place for writing, I wonder, where and when do you write (or pursue your passion)?


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