Day 11: The 90 Day Novel

The 90 Day Novel is ultimately a series of letters laid out by day to walk you along the experience of creating your novel. The great thing about this book is that the day’s letter often reflects the mood I’m experiencing on that particular day.

I approached day 11 feeling a bit frustrated with my story. I didn’t feel confident that I had enough to go on with my initial idea and in general felt like giving up on this idea altogether. The opening paragraph sums it up.

“We have good days and bad days. One day we love the direction of our story and the next we’re riddled with self-doubt. This is just part of the process. We come back to our original impulse and inquire into the world of our story. This process is akin to running a marathon. We’re logging miles on the page. Some days our imagination is on fire, while other days feel like a slog.”

The constant ups and downs is an integral part of the writing experience. It is so much easier when you give yourself permission to have the down days and enjoy the good days when they come.

After carrying on through the writing exercises for the day, I found new life in my story. I learned that “being certain about any aspect of our story limits us.” By letting go of my preconceived idea of my protagonist, the character showed a new facet that opened up my story for new possibilities. I gave myself permission to imagine something better.

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  1. I hadn’t see “The 90 Day Novel” before. Thanks for pointing me at it!

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