Day 42: The 90 Day Novel

I know what you’re thinking. It has “technically” been 90 days since I’ve started writing my novel, so how on earth am I still on Day 42? First, there was a problem with my ebook, then I went out of town and my dog ate my homework. There are a lot of excuses, but what it all comes down to is me. I let a few setbacks set in and I lost my momentum.

It is not an easy task to write every day when your life seems to keep getting in the way. As I sit here 90 days later I could be wallowing in self pity for not finishing my goal. To some extent, maybe I am. I have a few choices. I could give up and say this whole 90 day thing is just too hard, or I can carry on at my own pace and follow the novel as a guide. Of course I’ve chosen the latter. Having a regular writing schedule is important, but if I miss a day or two in my schedule I pick up the next day and keep going. Sometimes a few minutes a day makes all the difference.

As I near the end of Act One, my main character, Macy, has a choice to make. I look forward to finding out what she will choose and how that choice will shape the rest of her story. Writing a novel is a journey, for me and my characters. The ending line to one of my favorite movies says “…beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most.” For now, I’m going to enjoy the middle.

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