One Moment By Kristina McBride


I just finished reading One Moment by Kristina McBride. It’s midnight on a Thursday and I started reading this book on my lunch break. I’d like to say I consumed this book, but really, it consumed me.

I felt every moment of this emotional roller coaster packed in to 272 pages of love, heartache, friendship, grief and hope.

The scene where Maggie faces Joey at the funeral tore open my own recent pain of losing a loved one and facing that final goodbye. Then there is this beautiful moment when Maggie’s mom is retelling stories of the fabrics that make up the quilt Maggie has clung to in her grief. Maggie realizes that the patches of fabrics with the saddest stories make up the most beautiful pieces of the whole.

Part of what kept me glued to this story was that I needed to know Maggie would be okay. That all the vibrant characters that fill these pages would find a way to move on. This was a story of hope and for me I was pleasantly rewarded with a moment of healing too.

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