Why We Write

 It happens every November, thousands of writers from across the world work feverishly to suck all the creativity we can out of the air and spit it back out onto the page in a mad dash to produce fifty thousand words in thirty short days.

We lock ourselves away in remote places and busy cafes, alone and in mass, eyes glued to a screen, oblivious to our surroundings in a race against the clock. Why?

Some are fueled by the challenge, others the hope they might realize a dream to actually write that elusive novel they’ve been talking about for years. Mostly, it’s the need to be a part of something bigger than yourself. The need to stand up and be counted in a profession of solitude and be united among friends and strangers, to prove to the world and yourself that you, too, are a writer.

We fight to turn the imaginary into reality. To free the voices in your head and breathe life into new worlds. To inspire. To create. To dream. Together.


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